Sample treatment system

The ETG PSS100 is an advanced sample treatment system designed to deal with the tars and moisture commonly found in syngas applications. It is a complete portable solution that offers accurate and reliable measurements, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

ETG MCA 100 SYN P series of gas analyzers by ETG are the perfect solution for syngas measurement applications. These analyzers offer exceptional accuracy, stability, and reliability, and have a broad measurement range, making them ideal for optimizing syngas processes. Unlike other analyzers, ETG MCA 100 SYN P non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analyzers measures multiple gases in the instrument in special wavelength regions, which are free from other components.

The TCD detector used for H2 analysis is automatically corrected via a proprietary algorithm for possible interferences by other gases. These analyzers have the ability to measure CH4, CO2, CO, CnHm, H2, and O2, providing the optimal combination of gases for syngas process optimization. The enhanced optics and electronics of these NDIR analyzers have virtually eliminated zero drift after the initial warm-up period. The temperature and pressure compensation eliminates the major causes of span drift in the instruments.

The ETG PSS 100 is designed to remove the majority of tar and dust through scrubbers and precision filters. This is critical to eliminate damage to the MCA 100 SYN-P portable analyzer and reduce cleaning and maintenance requirements. The sample is then passed through a sample gas chiller to remove moisture followed by a final filter before entering the MCA SYN-P. The system components include three refillable water scrubbers, one refillable charcoal scrubber, one fine 0.3µm filter, a Peltier-cooled heat exchanger with an electronic controller (set to +5°C), a micro-fine 0.2µm fiberglass element dust filter, a peristaltic pump for continuous removal of condensate, a diaphragm-type sample pump with temperature alarm, a pump & alarm status display, a flow meter, and an LED indicator for “sample ready”.

Overall, the ETG PSS100 is an excellent sample treatment system for syngas applications. Its advanced features and reliable performance make it a valuable addition to any industrial setup. If you are looking for a high-quality sample treatment system, then the ETG PSS100 is definitely worth considering.