Portable Syngas analyser

The best ally in Syngas plants

Methane (CH4) [%] – Carbon dioxide (CO2) [%] – Carbon monoxide (CO) [ppm] – Hydrogen (H2) [%] – Oxygen (O2) [%] – Other compounds

Although Biogas plants are certainly more widespread, Syngas plants are continually expanding. Designers’ challenge is to make gasification an increasingly economical, safe, and accessible process for everyone. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia wanted to develop a product – now on the market for several years – that helps Syngas plant technicians better understand their production performance.
The ETG MCA SYN analyser monitors, simultaneously and in real-time, the main compounds of synthesis gas. For the analysis of Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), the infrared measurement technique (NDIR) is used. In contrast, Oxygen (O2) measurement is carried out using an electrochemical sensor (ECD). Finally, the principle of thermal conductivity (TCD) is used to analyse Hydrogen (H2), performing precise and reliable measurementsAdditional filters have been installed near the sensors to protect the sophisticated analysis technology from the Syngas’ impurities.

Is the gas to be analysed particularly hot, humid and contains a high percentage of tar? The portable ETG PSS cleaning system could be just right for you.

Global support

Just like our portable Biogas analyser, the MCA SYN ETG analyser requires no remarkable or frequent maintenance. Calibration can be carried out directly by the user, without the analyser being sent to our laboratories. All ETG Resources and Technology instruments can be remote-controlled on any PC globally via an Internet connection. ETG technicians provide comprehensive, fast and global support.

Designed to be practical

The MCA SYN ETG analyser has a user-friendly interface, and the 7″ touchscreen makes it practical and easy to use. Exporting data in .csv format is quick and convenient; in just a few seconds the log with the measurement data is downloaded to the USB pen drive to be consulted anywhere. No software or PC connections are required, and the download can be done on-site, even while you continue to analyse the gas. An internal sampling pump is used to acquire gas at negative pressure points, which can be deactivated from the operator panel. The analyser is installed inside a military-grade shockproof case, making it comfortable to carry and impact resistant.

  • Reliable measurement of CH4, CO, CO2, O2 and H2
  • Global support from ETG Risorse e Tecnologia’s staff
  • 7″ touchscreen and user-friendly interface
  • Quick and easy download of analysis data in .csv format via USB
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust and practical