ETG will attend Analytica 2022 in Munich

ETG will attend Analytica Exhibition in Munich, from June 21st to 24th. We are happy to see you come meet our experts at booth 227 hall A2, where you can see our new developed technologies, including FTIR (ETG 9500 FTIR)EIMS (ETG 4500 EIMS) and QEPAS (ETG 6900 QEPAS).

The FTIR analyzer, which stands for Fourier Transform Infrared, is a muliparametric analyzer which can be adapted to different applicazions: emissions analysis, anesthetic gases analysis, GHG monitoring, toxic gases analysis, hydrogen quality monitoring and many more.

The EIMS analyzer, which stands for Enhanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer, is a very versatile analyzer: it can be used for contamination analysis in semiconductor industry and odors and fragrances analysis.

The QEPAS analyzer, which stands for Quartz Enhanced Photo Acoustic Spectrometry, is an analyzer which uses new laser sources (TDL, ICL and QCL), and can be used in many different applications: biomethane quality control, hydrogen quality control, GHG monitoring (sub-ppb level). The very low cell volume let the analyzer to be mounted even on drones.