ETG will provide NPL India a CEMS and AQMS certification system

We are excited to announce that ETG Risorse e Tecnologia, a long-standing player in the gas analysis industry, has recently reached a significant milestone that opens new frontiers in environmental emissions. By winning a tender from NPL India, ETG has committed to establishing a testing and certification laboratory for gas analysis instruments, thereby promoting reliable and certified solutions for emissions analysis.

Over the years, the company has earned a strong reputation in the industry through its unwavering dedication to research and development of cutting-edge tools. Currently, the ETG team is working on designing a comprehensive system capable of autonomously managing tests and reporting, ensuring compliance with prevailing international environmental regulations. This new system will pave the way for new possibilities in the field of emissions analysis, not only in India but also across the Asian market.

A key component of ETG’s project involves utilizing their own precise and reliable tools as a control and reference system for testing and calibrating the instruments to be certified. Through this approach, the company guarantees maximum accuracy and reliability of the results obtained, providing customers with highly dependable gas analysis instruments.

ETG’s objective is to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the ever-growing demands of emissions monitoring and control. This initiative aims to accelerate and enhance the market and research development in this crucial area, where environmental sustainability plays an increasingly vital role. This opportunity marks a significant step toward achieving this goal, offering customers the opportunity to obtain certified instruments that align with international regulations.

Through this project, ETG solidifies its position as a reliable and proficient partner for businesses and research institutions worldwide seeking advanced emissions analysis solutions. Through these efforts, ETG continues to promote sustainable development and contribute to environmental improvement, showcasing its commitment to the gas analysis and environmental emissions sector.