ETG Achieves Emissions Certification for its CEMS System


ETG Risorse e Tecnologia, in collaboration with its South Korean partner, Jungan Technology Co Ltd, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the emissions certification from the South Korean Ministry of Environment for the measurement of greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions, with its system for Continous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS). This accomplishment, released by the South Korean Ministry of Environment, highlights ETG’s commitment to environmental stewardship and showcases the advanced technology employed by the company.

ETG emissions certification

Certified CEMS System: Enhancing Environmental Monitoring

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia’s certified CEMS system combines cutting-edge technology and precision measurement capabilities. The comprehensive system, certified for emissions measurement, comprises the ETG 9500 FTIR Analyzer, ZrO2 Oxygen Analyzer, data logging system, gas sample treatment system, and sampling system. This integrated solution ensures accurate and reliable measurement of greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions.

Expanding Certification Efforts: Global Impact

Following the successful certification in South Korea, ETG Risorse e Tecnologia is actively pursuing certifications for its CEMS system in other countries. The company recognizes the global significance of emissions monitoring and aims to provide its advanced solutions to businesses worldwide, fostering environmental sustainability on a global scale.

Leading the Way Towards a Greener Future: ETG’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia’s collaboration with partner Jungan Technology has resulted in the certification of its advanced CEMS system for accurate emissions measurement. With a focus on environmental stewardship and innovative technology, ETG is well-positioned to support industries in their journey towards sustainable practices. As the company expands its certification efforts globally, it is committed to providing reliable and effective emissions monitoring solutions to businesses worldwide. Experience the industry-leading capabilities of ETG Risorse e Tecnologia’s certified CEMS system and take proactive steps towards environmental sustainability.