Marine Emissions Monitoring

Marine emissions are a significant concern in the shipping industry, with strict regulations in place to reduce the pollution caused by shipping activities. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia has developed a cutting-edge solution for marine emissions monitoring that offers complete, reliable, safe and certified monitoring. The ETG 7500 system is based on the technical specifications of the emission levels identified by the International Marine Organization and the MARPOL Convention.

With the ability to continuously analyze compounds such as SO2, NO, NO2, CO, and CO2, the ETG 7500 system is equipped with probes, peripheral control units, and heated lines to prevent condensation that could damage the instrumentation. The main unit can monitor multiple ship chimneys and has an automatic backup system that continues to operate even in the event of a fault.

The ETG 7500 system is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and has earned RINA certification in 2018. This system requires no intervention from the crew, allowing for continuous monitoring during crossings and ensuring compliance with emission regulations.

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia has taken up the challenge of reducing pollution in the shipping industry and delivered a comprehensive solution for marine emissions monitoring. With the ETG 7500 system, ship owners can ensure that their vessels are in compliance with regulations, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable maritime industry.