Industrial Emissions Monitoring

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia is fully committed to addressing the emission challenge and has been providing support to environmental sector authorities and companies for many years. Climate change, with its anthropogenic origin, is a scientifically proven reality and emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere are one of its leading causes. Industrial emissions monitoring is not only mandatory, but it also helps keep the level of emissions under control.

ETG supports the Green Deal and the European Commission’s goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Over the years, ETG has supplied complete systems for sampling and analysis to various industries, from steelworks to chemical plants, power plants and incinerators. Any pollutant emitted in gas or particulate form is considered an emission, and we can monitor it.

Gaseous pollutants, mainly from combustion processes, are a major concern. These include sulphur compounds such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbonyl sulphide (COS), carbon sulphide (CS2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and dimethyl sulphate (CH3)2SO4. Nitrogen compounds, including nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide (NOx), carbon compounds like carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), and halogenated compounds (HCl, HF, HBr, CFC, etc.) are also important to monitor.

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia provide several solutions for monitoring these types of industrial emissions, including the ETG 6900, ETG 7600, and ETG 9500 FTIR series. We can also design custom instrumentation, to meet specific industrial process requirements, starting from the sample treatment to the analysis. Contact us or download our brochures for more information.

Particulate matter emissions, which are solid in nature and can have significant impacts on public health, are also monitored by ETG. Particles are classified according to size, typically PM10, PM2.5, or smaller. ETG has developed the appropriate instrumentation over the years and provides complete gas and particulate emission monitoring systems.