Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is crucial, and timing is everything. When it comes to storage depots or silos containing potentially flammable materials, the risk is high, and accidents can be devastating. Deposits like coal or wood can easily create dust, which generates a combustible environment. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia is a leading company that has transferred its knowledge in gas analysis to fire and explosion prevention, helping owners comply with safety standards like the ATEX directive 2014/34 of the European Union.

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia’s technology for fire prevention is focused on controlling the gases developed by combustion in the absence of flame. Unlike traditional preventive approaches, which use smoke detection or monitor temperature rise, our technology detects the first traces of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at ppm (parts per million) level. The system sends audible alarms, e-mails, and text messages if the threshold limit is exceeded, allowing for timely action to be taken to minimize damage.

Storage facilities are often located in poorly staffed areas, which limits the possibility of containing damage or intervening in time. By carrying out a study of the storage depot, ETG’s engineers can identify the different air extraction points to ensure efficient and optimal monitoring. This complete solution offers peace of mind for owners, knowing that their facility is being monitored and protected against fire risks.

In conclusion, ETG Risorse e Tecnologia has developed a highly refined and efficient technology that enables continuous CO monitoring, ensuring timely action is taken to minimize damage. Their complete solution, including a study of the storage depot, offers an optimal and efficient monitoring system that complies with safety standards. Fire prevention is crucial, and ETG Risorse e Tecnologia’s technology provides owners with peace of mind, knowing that their facility is protected against fire risks.